Share Accounts

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Your regular share account is automatically created with the first $5.00 of your deposit. Your initial $5.00 deposit gives you membership to the credit union and must be maintained in your share account at all times. Additional deposits and withdrawals may be made at any time in any amount. There are no fees involved with this account and dividends are paid quarterly.

Additional Savings Accounts

You may consider opening separate savings accounts in order to put money away for that special something. These extra accounts pay the same interest rate as the regular share account. You can open an extra account by phone, It's Me 247 online banking or in person at the credit union main office. There are no added fees to open one of these accounts.

Hi-Yield Money Market Account

Our High-Yield Money Market Account offers the convenience of easy access to your funds and a higher rate for your money. The minimum required balance to open an account is $2000.00. This account earns daily interest and is paid monthly. You can withdraw from this account by check, ATM, or in person.

Vacation Account

This account helps you accumulate funds for vacations. Our Vacation Account pays the same interest as our regular share account. There are no minimum deposits required and you can withdraw the funds whenever needed.

Holiday Club Account

We all know that having enough money for the holidays is always on our minds. With a Holiday Club Account you ease those worries. You can open the account at any time. Interest is paid at the end of the holiday club year (September 30) and funds are automatically deposited into your regular share account on October 1. Early withdrawal will close this account and forfeit interest.