Loan Rates

Loan Type APR (as low as) Effective Date
Autos & Motorcycles - 2017–2014 2.49%*06/01/2017
Autos & Motorcycles - 2013–20072.99%*06/01/2017
Autos - 2006 and older7.99%*06/01/2017
Recreational Vehicles - 2017–20043.99%*06/01/2017
Recreational Vehicles - 2003–20004.99%*06/01/2017
Share/CD PledgeContact Loan Officer*06/01/2017
Qwik Cash Line of Credit9.00%*06/01/2017
Unsecured Loan7.99%*06/01/2017
Home Equity Loan4.00%*06/01/2017
Home Equity Line of Credit4.00%*06/01/2017

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Interest rate determined by credit score obtained through the credit bureau. Specific terms and minimum amounts may apply. Rates are subject to change daily. Contact our Loan Department at (888) 364-6928 or email them at