Who Can Become a Member?

If you fall into any of the categories below you are eligible to become a member of FEDCOM Credit Union.

  • Individuals who live, work, worship, or attend post-high school in Kent, Ottawa, Muskegon and Allegan Counties Michigan.
  • Members of record as of May 9, 2003 – date of conversion to a community charter.
  • Any person over the age of 55 who receives a retirement annuity, pension, social security, or similar retirement payment from private or government sources, and live in, or belongs to a retirement organization located in the county or in a county contiguous to the county where the credit union's main office is located.
  • Employees of this credit union.
  • Members of the immediate families of the foregoing.
  • Organizations, incorporated or otherwise, composed for the most part of the same general group making up the membership outlined above.
  • A spouse of a deceased member is elected to membership prior to remarriage.
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A subscribing member shall not be eligible to vote or hold office until one fully paid share ($5.00) is owned and kept on deposit with FEDCOM CU.