Member Alerts

FEDCOM Credit Union cares about its members and the safety of their personal information. For this reason we want our members to be aware that FEDCOM Credit Union will never solicit information from you via email or text message. If you receive any email requesting personal information do not respond to it. Instead contact FEDCOM at (616) 364-7283 or toll free at (888) 364-6928 and let us know what you have received.

IRS Warns of E-mail Fraud

The IRS is currently warning taxpayers of an active e-mail scam in the Midwest. The scam involves e-mails supposedly sent from the IRS that bear copycat logos and the names of real IRS officials. The recipients are told that their payment for taxes due has been rejected. They are then asked to click on a link in order to fill out an attached form and thereby resolve the payment rejection issue. However, the attachment actually contains a virus. This virus allows the scammer to gather personal and financial information from the recipient's computer.

IRS spokesperson Michael Devine says that the IRS will never send an e-mail asking for personal information to any taxpayer. All correspondence regarding any problem with your tax return will be through the U.S. Mail. This official IRS letter will describe the problem and contain contact information for the person or agency who can help you resolve the issue.

NACHA SCAM - Provided by CUNA Mutual

NACHA-The Electronic Payments Association has received reports that individuals and/or companies have received a fraudulent email that has the appearance of having been sent from NACHA and signed by a nonexistent NACHA employee. Specifically, this email claims to be from the "Electronic Payments Association" and appears to be coming from the email address "" See a sample of the email below.

This is a sample of the fraudulent email:

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 7:32 AM
To: Doe, John
Subject: ACH transaction rejected

The ACH transaction, recently sent from your checking account (by you or any other person) was cancelled by the Electronic Payments Association.

Please click here to view report


Otto Tobin,
Risk Manager

Risk Mitigation Recommendations:

NACHA itself does not process ACH transactions that flow to and from organizations and financial institutions.

  • NACHA does not send communications to individuals or organizations about individual ACH transactions that they originate or receive
  • If you have any questions on this fraudulent NACHA email, contact Colleen Morrison at 703-561-3925 () or Scott Lang, AAP at 703-561-3918 ()